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Brief history

Learn how the Psoriasis International Network got started

The Psoriasis International Network (PIN) was initiated by the Fondation René Touraine, a non-profit and a non-governmental organisation dedicated to support therapeutic progress in dermatology by connecting people.

After several European meetings on psoriasis held in Italy every 2 or 3 years, the Fondation René Touraine and Prof. Louis Dubertret organized the European Congress on Psoriasis - PSO 2004 in Paris, which acquired a great international dimension, with over 600 participants from 40 different countries

Following the PSO 2004 Congress, many participants showed great interest in developing networking activities in the field of psoriasis.

The founding meeting of the Psoriasis International Network was held in Paris (Nov 18, 2005) between 20 countries willing to develop national psoriasis groups and willing to connect these groups into an international network. 11 countries were able to send a representative and 9 additional countries expressed a strong interest but were unable to come. The President of EUROPSO, the European federation of psoriasis associations, participated as well in the founding meeting. To read the report of the founding meeting, click here.

This founding meeting formalised the international collaborations in the field of psoriasis started with the PSO 2004 Congress, creating this Psoriasis International Network.

To liven up this international network, it was proposed to:

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